Horizontal Load Testing

Horizontal load testing is a critical process for evaluating the strength, stability, and load capacity of lifting products such as slings, shackles, and hooks. Testing is carried out according to international standards and involves applying a horizontal force using hydraulic or other equipment. During testing, strain gauges and other instruments measure the deflection, strain, and other parameters of the product. The results of the testing determine whether the product meets the required safety standards and load capacity. Products that pass the test are marked with relevant information, and manufacturers and users can have confidence in the performance of these products, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Vertical Load Testing

Vertical load testing is a crucial evaluation process that assesses the strength and safety of lifting equipment. It involves subjecting cranes, hoists, and lifting slings to progressively increasing loads beyond their rated capacities to ensure structural integrity. Safety measures are in place to protect personnel and structures during the test. Engineers monitor the equipment for stress, deformation, and weaknesses using strain gauges and load cells. Data analysis compares results with industry standards and regulations. Successful testing leads to certification, confirming the equipment’s safety and suitability for specified loads. This process prevents accidents and downtime, ensuring reliable and secure lifting operations.

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