Polyester Sling is manufactured by 100% Polyester Yarn only, which is non conductive against flowing of any type of electricity. But we have manufactured special coated Polyester Anti Static Sling which is having a conductivity property of any type of electricity. Normal sling does not have current carrying properties. This is our speciality product. Normally this sling is used in very sensitive area like, missiles handling, satelite, handling etc. All capacities are available on request.

Generally while lifting any job by Polyester sling, by abrasion static electricity is formed due to non conductive of sling, it is not decipated to the ground.The highly sensitive electronic / electrical Instrument is getting damaged. We are manufacturing special sling which is conductive is called Anti static sling.

Higher Capacity Slings are available on request, Round Slings are manufactured as per following Standards, BS 6668 Part – 21987 / DIN 61360 / ISO 4879.